Flora and Fauna, mostly Fauna

(Today’s annual pool opening prompted me to post this, from a previous FB post in January) I love our property. Our little acre-and-a-quarter slice of heaven is the main reason we bought the place. It is a lot to take care of. I quickly adopted a more naturalistic approach to property maintenance, over the moreContinue reading “Flora and Fauna, mostly Fauna”

Glass-bottom Bucket

I had never experienced water so clear or sand so white.  As a beach-goer from infancy, my memories of the beach up to that point were confined to the Jersey Shore.  The beach on Andros Island in the Bahamas was intoxicating.  Starting with my first trip in 7th grade, I tried to spend nearly every daylight hour face-down in theContinue reading “Glass-bottom Bucket”

Chicken Shack

I have been taking a lot of mental vacations lately.  These tend to fall into two distinct but related camps: 1) mental breaks from days filled with Zoom work meetings, social-distancing and mask-adorned trips to the grocery, and 2) time spent recalling past vacations and trips.   I love to travel and explore new places.  I am fascinated withContinue reading “Chicken Shack”