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Hope vs Fear

“Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” – Maya Angelou Like many if not most of us, I am having a hard time staying focused and optimistic today, as the post-Election Day mood remains uncertain and anxiety-filled. After a terrible night’s sleep, I decided that aContinue reading “Hope vs Fear”

Fall = College Football

Fall Saturdays. Synonymous with college football games. And not just any – I’m a Big-10 guy. I credit my Grandad on my mom’s side for introducing us to big-time college football. My first game was at the older, smaller Beaver Stadium in State College, PA. The Nittany Lions hosted Ohio University. And the halftime showContinue reading “Fall = College Football”

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

“Make Beautiful Drawings!” – Karl F. G. DuPuy Last month one of my favorite professors from grad school passed away. He was my thesis director as I pursued my Masters of Architecture at the University of Maryland. I also had the privilege to take Karl’s Urban Design class – one of the most amazing coursesContinue reading “Blood, Sweat & Cheers”


Regret – it’s such a sad concept. It’s the worst part of the “hindsight is 20-20” saying. As I sit here gazing out over a beautiful and calm setting, far removed the awful and unprecedented realities of our world, I think about all the missed opportunities that have come and gone that might have putContinue reading “Regret”

Riding Waves

I’m drawn to the ocean the way bugs are drawn to a light. The beach and ocean have such a powerful pull on me. I’m that kind of beach person who does one of three things at the beach – read, stare at the ocean or get in the water, preferably to body surf. IContinue reading “Riding Waves”


(From a FB post from two years ago) Being a great dad is about many things. And as much as we love the hugs and pats-on-the-back, often it’s the kicks-in-the-butt that teach us the most. The year I spent in England between high school and college was the most transformative of my life. It taughtContinue reading “Butt-kicking”

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