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A Sketch Interrupted

A little over two years ago, I was winding down my day by sketching. I had decided to start drawing again after a long hiatus from what had been a near-constant activity while I was studying architecture in grad school. I had always enjoyed drawing and can recall from my youth filling page after pageContinue reading “A Sketch Interrupted”

Hope vs Fear

“Hope and Fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time. Invite one to stay.” – Maya Angelou Like many if not most of us, I am having a hard time staying focused and optimistic today, as the post-Election Day mood remains uncertain and anxiety-filled. After a terrible night’s sleep, I decided that aContinue reading “Hope vs Fear”

Fall = College Football

Fall Saturdays. Synonymous with college football games. And not just any – I’m a Big-10 guy. I credit my Grandad on my mom’s side for introducing us to big-time college football. My first game was at the older, smaller Beaver Stadium in State College, PA. The Nittany Lions hosted Ohio University. And the halftime showContinue reading “Fall = College Football”

Blood, Sweat & Cheers

“Make Beautiful Drawings!” – Karl F. G. DuPuy Last month one of my favorite professors from grad school passed away. He was my thesis director as I pursued my Masters of Architecture at the University of Maryland. I also had the privilege to take Karl’s Urban Design class – one of the most amazing coursesContinue reading “Blood, Sweat & Cheers”

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