Sister from another Mister, Brother from another Mother

We are a two-dog household.  We accept the double-whammies in dog food and vet bills, in twice as much dog fur to sweep and vacuum, in twice the number of potential sleeping dog tripping hazards.  For us, the pros far outweigh the cons.  Twice the tail-wags, twice the adoring looks, twice the sets of earsContinue reading “Sister from another Mister, Brother from another Mother”

My Grandfather’s Grandfather Clock

Recently I have become reacquainted with my grandfather’s grandfather clock.  And the timing (no pun intended) couldn’t be better. As I join what I hope is the vast majority of us and “hunker down,” I do so in the presence of a beautiful antique grandfather clock that belonged to my grandfather.  And as I oftenContinue reading “My Grandfather’s Grandfather Clock”